Share your being good and doing good in stories, poems, expressions and in your own distinct ways. Let others be inspired about Karma.
Your Stories
 Your simple trip to the grocery store when you met a poor man and gave him bread, and how happy you are to see his smiling face grateful as well of how Karma works..
Your Poems
In the silence of your being, upon reflecting life in its Karma, you come forth words in your thoughts and set goodness in verses…
Your Expressions
Whatever unique, and distinct way you have to express Karma, be it in your own original arts, photos, videos, quotes and others time is not enough to tell all the goodness…

ShareKarma is about sharing your own doing good and being good, the very essence of Karma in your stories, poems, and in your unique, distinct ways to inspire people to aspire for goodness. When you are sharing, mention “Karma” in any of the lines to mean “good actions that you have done for others”, orto mean “how goodness inspires you to live life to the fullest”. Let that good Karma unfold.

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