29 Jul

A Chance To Do Good

I never thought that one day a walk early in the morning can be a chance for me to do good. Yes, life went on the usual routine, but something took place I never expected.

There was this old man, frail and slow moving, who seemed to be frantically looking for something on the ground. Stooping here and there with difficulty, he even did not bother passersby looking at him, observing the obvious signs of his age. His actions caught my eyes, that I stopped close to him and asked what he was up to. He responded that somewhere along the way he lost his phone, which he really holds dear. Understanding the situation, I told him that I would help. I suggested that I dial his number, which he pretty well memorized, and lo, and behold! the phone rang from inside his bag.

He was very much grateful for my time and efforts, and said to me these words before we parted ways: “May good Karma be with you for your help!” And I thought about it, “what a day to do good to a fellow.”

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