19 Oct

A Little Karma Worth Millions Within

It takes a lot of self-sacrifice to finish a certain task everyday, especially on doing things you don’t like from the sight of it.

Not because of being lazy, but a certain abhorrence to the idea of exerting extra strength on something others could have done, if they are sensitive enough on doing what is best for the environment. Yes, walking along the street I came across scattered papers and plastic bottles on the ground. Of course, I should not mind as they are not mine, but the feeling of leaving them there tortured my sensitivities. Asking myself– of what possibly wrong if the ones throwing them there threw them to garbage recycle bins across the corner. But that was not the case.  At that, I was faced with the greatest truth of all– go away and enjoy life and ultimately suffer from the effects of trash pollution or simply pick them up and extend the lives of generations to come. Of course, the sense of environmental responsibility was strong in me, ingrained by my parents who always talk about disposing your garbage properly and live a healthier life.

So as my story went, I happily picked them up one by one and put them to the bin.  A little karma in each act I did is worth millions within. Again, a little karma worth millions within became a guiding principle of action.

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