09 Nov

Make good Vibrations! The things nobody knows are often what work the best!

If you have the ability to make Vibrations in your surroundings, do it! Make other people feel the love frequency, or at least a frequency, the worst that is, is when everything around you and inside you freezes completely! Something that is the main problem these days!

When I first came with the idea to KarmaCoin, it was in terms of the multiverse, that you could help people in the other universe just with the power of thought, like passing messages from dead people to the living ones that they can’t find themselves, since they somehow have been cut out of their lifestory (their lifeline).

And then you would gain one point in that “universe”(in the spirit world or so). This would not come as money in this world, but as that and that level of karma (since it costs so little to do if you are in the right possition).

But if you for example, help someone from getting killed in real life, and are going out of your own line to do so, this would be much more profitable than just throwing a message to the world in your world, could be something complete else in his world! And then you will get a karmapoint in his world/sector (we have to share it in sectors to have a system on it) and the same goes for the world above, right for you, left, it is at least 12 ways we know of.. And if you start earning points in everyone of them, you could later change points from one world to the other world if he need one point there and you one there, and before you know it, you are really earning money just sitting and communicating with spirits and other humans trough your senses!

But as i said, this will likely take a while before it pays out! It is not like you get money tomorrow, if you not are a spirit walker and can travel from world to world though! 🙂

But another thing, is, to make balance, and to make it all about sharing positive and negative energy between all the worlds/universes, we/i came to an understanding, that we have an 12 point system, but you can only have as much as +4 or -4 in each universe! Before it starting on your real lifelines and not only KP’s(karmapoints) We say if you come to -10, you are dead! (in real life most probably, at least you will be banned from the system for life and/or made an arrangement that fits you!

You really have to belief in this and the multiverse to do this! And if you are in doubt, just try it out this way and you will see, you will get an sms as soon as you have activated your account(To activate it you just to a good favor to someone in one of the worlds, and you will see) In the real world, the guy have to give you point manually at this point, but just in his own head(KP him one point since he was so nice) Just an hug should be enough, since we should split this energy between everyone, right now most of the positive energy is placed in 10% of the world, and the good information is only going too them, and other places, like America(that not care about karma at all get old info), so People in india, start helping norwegian, americans and such understanding karma and the spirit world, trough the mantra channels.. (The Shiva Mantra channel is still open!! But understand this is something naturally, not internet the way we know it, it is a channel that uses the frequency of the earth to communicate, the static field) Shivas network is at some of the weakest in many thousand year, since our planet are dying faster and faster, this is the only way to turn it around! Spread the godness, spread the good energy, do not sit on it, energy that stands still will die! The last few weeks or days we have started building it up again(really years, but some people tried harder to destroy it, untill they understood it was real), so we have people trying to use it for bad and people using it for good, but completely wrong and so on and so on..

To connect to Shivas “Mantra/Chakra Network” Just whisper to your mantras(It helps if they are activated, if they are not activated just look at how to activate them, search for Activate chakras or Activate mantras) But just tell your chakras and mantras to convert to Shiva Chakra(or mantra) since Shiva is the only one connected to the universe, and even Shiva has a bad connection these days! So we have to be more, but just try if you dont belive it! You will be surprised! (As i said, just inside your self, “Hey, Mantras? Or Chakras? Can you convert to Shiva? Or connect to Shiva’s Organic Network?  And they will do rest of the job, and do not be afraid of mantras or chakras, they have been around as long as we have, and are human another place, and we are chakras another place!

It all goes around and around! But we have to heal the world! 99% of the earth is DEAD! 99% of life on earth is really dead! (the same goes for our brain and sences!) So many people will be afraid(ignorant people mostly) when earth start healing, since they will be connected to the universe and confronted with the things they have done, and people that are used to power dont tolerate this, they will try fighting it in every possible way! With fear, manipulation, matrixes, illness, everything to get people thinking about surviving instead of evolving!

So remember LOVE, EVOLVE! You will get strong of love! And if you think you live once, you are completely wrong! This is one more thing that is very good with Bitcoin and valuta like this, it will proof that time goes, since every transaction is available for the public to see(on you can see how much people sendt, to where they where sendt, when, how, and so on and so on.. This way every bitcoin has its one unique ID number, and every transaction got its Unique ID number, and if one of this numbers are out of line, the currency wont work! So with bitcoin they cant make a new world and make inflation and just tell us they got that much money and make us believe it, because everyone know just how much money is in circulation and just where the money is(If they want)

This is opposite if you compare it with todays solutions, banks that hide every transaction, produce money they dont have(Bitcoin e.g have an maximum amount that can be produced) American Dollar have no maximum! They just keep on pressing! they try to do the opposite they do with the Dollar with Bitcoin right now, they try bitcoin look like it is worth maximum 1/10 of what it is, and dollar is worth at least 10 times less than in it is right now!

So Bitcoin, Litecoin, Primecoin, Feathercoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, and all the other cryptovalutas make’s one universe each, and if you think about the value as negative and positve energy, what will them karmacoin be? (Karmacoin will be the neutron in this soup! With all the other coins as protons and electrons that keep the world spinning, will karmacoin keep it together!

Karmacoin should never have been launched yet, if they havent found a way into the multiverse without i knowing it though! If so, we are heading just the way we all want to, a world without poor people! And just so i said it Free electricity to ALL!

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