13 Nov

A Simple Greeting As An Act of Goodness

Again, in the busy street to work while enjoying the walking and the views, when at a distance I seemed to recognize a face.

Someone familiar, if I was not wrong, but it seemed my sight was limited by our proximity. Nevertheless, I continued to walk and eventually confirmed that I have known him as a classmate in my high school days. I greeted him with a “Hi, how are you… Long time no see…” He still was figuring out of who could I be amidst the bustles of people crisscrossing the streets, and greeting him strangely. “I know I know you…” the very words that come out from his mouth. “Of course I know you!” I told him. Finally he recognized me, the same usual face and mannerisms. We got into a conversation, trying to recall the good old days we had with some of our classmates that we have not met for a long time. We exchange ideas of how we do life presently. Since both of us were quite in a hurry, we parted ways but had each other cellphone numbers. By then, karma started. Not just having greeted him, as I believed an act of goodness itself, but also have introduced to him Karma, something that he had fond of till these days. Indeed, a simple greeting as an act of goodness is always possible and is a way to be surprised!


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