07 Jul

ShareKarma Welcomes You All

ShareKarma is about sharing your own doing good and being good, the very essence of Karma in your stories, poems, and in your unique, distinct ways to inspire people to aspire for goodness. When you are sharing, mention “Karma” in any of the lines to mean “good actions that you have done for others”,  and to mean “how goodness inspires you to live life to the fullest”.

For those who are independent writers and sharers, your stories, poems, or expressions (s) will be subject for approval by the Admin of the website. You will be informed of any decision-updates through email when your article(s) is/are accepted or denied or modified for publication. The Admin will maintain the right to edit, revise or improve your article(s) to conform to the standard of responsible and accountable publication and expectation.

To all prospective writers then, you can upload your own photo(s) to go with your articles, or the Admin will decide for an appropriate one when nothing is being uploaded or cited.

You can send your articles via the contact page of this website, by pasting the whole article-text on the message section. The photo that accompanies your article must be uploaded to, and its link be pasted to the message section as well.

So here we are. ShareKarma would like to journey with you all, who are having hearts and minds that believe in the Karma Way.

Share Karma Welcomes You All. Go Karma!