09 Nov

Make good Vibrations! The things nobody knows are often what work the best!

If you have the ability to make Vibrations in your surroundings, do it! Make other people feel the love frequency, or at least a frequency, the worst that is, is when everything around you and inside you freezes completely! Something that is the main problem these days!

When I first came with the idea to KarmaCoin, it was in terms of the multiverse, that you could help people in the other universe just with the power of thought, like passing messages from dead people to the living ones that they can’t find themselves, since they somehow have been cut out of their lifestory (their lifeline).

And then you would gain one point in that “universe”(in the spirit world or so). This would not come as money in this world, but as that and that level of karma (since it costs so little to do if you are in the right possition).

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